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Before we start: Artificial Vision in Industry: what is it? How is it put into use?

In order to understand Vimétrica, one needs to grasp the concept of Artificial Vision and how it is put into use in industrial areas, for we are experts in this field! However, for someone who is a novice in the subject, the term Artificial Vision can raise doubts. So, here is a simple explanation of a – sometimes – very complicated concept.

Explanation: Artificial Vision consists of using industrial cameras and a processing unit to analyze one or more photos. The photo (or photos) is the basis for any system of Artificial Vision, since it is analyzed according to standards previously defined within the Processing Unit, usually a computer, which determines if something is ok or not ok. Alternatively, it classifies the object under a category and/or performs an action. (For example, placing a screw in a slot with the help of a robot. )

This is the basis of Artificial Vision: allowing a Processing Unit to see and interpret specific photos, using Software, and perform an action.

In the picture below, there is a simulation of an Artificial Vision project:


Nowadays, companies demand more and more speed and quality, so Artificial Vision is in strict connection with robotics and mechanics in order to provide answers to projects deemed unthinkable a decade ago. Obviously, Vimétrica had to adapt in order to make sure it is always in the forefront of technology.

Such technology can be applied to any field of industry, and one needs to develop projects according to their specific requirements. On the ‘Services’ menu, you can find multiple industries where we have already developed projects.

Now, then, what Vimétrica is:

Founded more than one decade ago, Vimétrica has focused its activity exclusively on developing Artificial Vision Solutions, an activity with increasing growth. Currently, Vimétrica acts in manifold industries, analyzing five million parts an hour in all concluded projects. Vimétrica develops their own products from the analysis of the client’s requirements until the assembly of the final product, for any industry, be it optically, in terms of software or hardware, to even solutions that imply mechanic design or assembly.

In collaboration with leading companies, Vimétrica also takes part in developing high quality technological products, sold worldwide, and has a fundamental role in their concept.

Values and Future

The quality of the solutions and services put forth and client proximity are the main factors of Vimétrica and its goals. Other main principles of the company are sharing knowledge, a continuous learning culture, innovation and improvement.

In a stage of conspicuous expansion, Vimétrica’s strategy also consists of developing all of its features (software, hardware and mechanics), in order to provide its clients with the most recent technological standards.