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Vimétrica develops and implements - on its own, or in partnership with market leader companies – high-quality products, from the analysis of the client’s requirements till the assembly of the final product.

Custom  Solutions

Production lines demand more and more effective and fast means for control and final validation. Although artificial vision can be used in any industrial process, its use is inevitable in industries like electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, auto industry, among others. Vimétrica has now solutions that analyze, control and validate up to 5 million parts per hour worldwide.

Vimétrica’s staff consists of technical experts able to understand and implement the requirements of each customer, and develops high-quality products, either optics or software/hardware, or even solutions that require design and/or mechanical assembly, through solid partnerships.

Our goal is the customer’s total satisfaction!

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Vimétrica’s Solutions

Vimétrica develops and integrates artificial vision systems with ready to use solutions.



Illumination has a crucial role in artificial vision systems. However one has to consider many factors to pinpoint the correct lighting to use in an application. Which is the vision field to illuminate? Does the object shine or glitter? What background is behind the application?, etc.

At Vimétrica, we consider all factors, so that we can provide the best illumination system for your application.


The basis of all Artificial Vision work is Cameras. It’s crucial to control extremely well all that is happening at the production line. Vimétrica offers different kinds of custom Cameras that adapt to the demands of all clients, ensuring their satisfaction.

PC Compacto

Processing Unit

The computer is the heart of our systems. Therein lie most tasks that allow the desired performance of the machines. Computers have evolved extraordinarily in the last few decades, and are now faster, more reliable and smaller. Vimétrica’s stock features Processing Units that, despite their size, display huge processing capacity and high reliability. Both useful and pleasant. Why not give it a try? Contact us.



It is not only the Hardware that’s important, Software is crucial too. Vimétrica is proud to have created its own Artificial Vision Software, after years of continuous development. It can be easily integrated in any production system. It is also important to adapt Software to new products, so this programme can easily be adapted to a new production model. The integration can be carried out by us or the customer. Learn more here.



An accurate integration of Artificial Vision systems in production lines is a key step towards the client’s satisfaction and its project’s success. Vimétrica manages and ensures, all the way through, that its system is completely and accurately aligned with your factory’s means. Besides the physical integration with machines, it’s also important to integrate human resources within the systems. So, Vimétrica offers training to professionals that’ll deal with Artificial Vision systems.

Assistência Técnica


Problems arise when we least expect them and we know it. To solve is the keyword. Thus, Vimétrica has personalized assistance services for all its clients, so that we can help overcome unforeseen difficulties as quickly as possible.


Artificial Vision Solutions