Imagem de Paper

Because there is more to paper than meets the eye…

Vimétrica has several solutions in the market for controlling quality and stocks with the paper industry. With the Software and Mechanics that we develop, we can provide our clients with good Artificial Vision solutions in this field.



– Corrugated fiberboard sheets counting system with industrial cameras;

– Extremely reliable method for counting sheets in pallets in the production line: ready for the customer;

– The distance between the camera and the pallet is regulated with an ultra-sonic sensor. Then the camera moves vertically along the content of the pallet and captures a 512*10,000 pixel image.

– Counts several sheet models, reads barcodes and prints sticker labels;

– Connects with the Company’s computer system to enable stock and billing control;

– All our solutions may feature intuitive tactile interface and multilingual menu option.


Artificial Vision Solutions