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To each its own. Each case has its solution.

Vimétrica has now many solutions already implemented in manifold industries, as Food, Cork, Plastics and Metal Mechanics.

However, also have worked with other industries, such as:  Rubber, Glass, Pharmaceutics, Textiles, Gas, Electronics, Precision Mechanics, Furniture, etc.


Industria Papel

Vimétrica adapts to any industry. All our professionals and software are constantly innovating and adapting to new areas in the industrial world.

Vimétrica develops their own products from the analysis of the client’s requirements until the assembly of the final product, for any industry, be it optically, in terms of software or hardware, or even solutions that imply mechanic design or assembly.

Some of our skills

  • – Dimensional analysis;
  • – Material flaws and bends control;
  • – Texture, colour and shade analysis;
  • – Pattern recognition and tridimensional analysis;
  • – Parts alignment and positioning;
  • – Character recognition;
  • – Flaws and stains detection;
  • – Other skills in image processing for industries.


System for checking PCB’s welding

  • – Validates the welding and PCB;
  • – High definition photo;
  • – Controls the shape of the weld;
  • – Additional functions for detecting and placing components;
  • – Ensures the nonexistence of weld flaws.



Artificial Vision Solutions