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Cork is a natural product and, thus, highly heterogeneous. It’s crucial to classify and verify the compliance of finished products and Vimétrica helps in doing just that.


Cork Stopper Selecting Machine

Vimétrica’s Cork Selecting Machine carries out a 360⁰ analysis on the whole cork stopper, and classifies it with extremely high precision.



  • – 12,000 cork stoppers/hour rate;
  • – Intuitive tactile interface and multilingual menu option;
  • – Analysis of the stopper according to standards;
  • – Robust construction;
  • – Eight cork stopper outputs;
  • – Agglomerated, collimated, champagne, natural and 1+1 stoppers option;
  • – Processes body and tops;
  • – Detects and controls slanting errors;
  • – High resistance to cork’s natural stains;
  • – Quantifies flaws, biggest fault, highest concentration, mass, cracks, linear worsening of dark flaws, combinations, etc;
  • – Controls tops’ size and quality.






Cork Stopper Directing Machine


Vimétrica’s Cork Stopper Directing Machine directs natural cork stoppers according to their best tops and can direct up to 10,000 stoppers an hour with maximum reliability.

  • – Checks stopper tops and directs them according to patterns;
  •  – Easy adaptation to engravers;
  • Vimétrica Software with intuitive tactile interface;
  • – Robust construction;
  • – W*D*H: 810*450*430 (mm).


System for Directing Champagne Stoppers




  • – 7,200 stoppers/hour rate;
  • – Error percentage much lower than standard solutions, up to 0.02%;
  • Vimétrica Software;
  • – Intuitive tactile interface and multilingual menu option;
  • – Processing concentrated in one computer;
  • – Allows directing champagne stoppers, with 1-disc, 2-disc or micro granulated version;
  • – Detects and controls slanting errors.



Branded Discs Directing Machine



  • – Maximum rate of 90,000 discs/hour;
  • Vimétrica Software;
  • – intuitive tactile interface and multilingual menu option;
  • – Possibility of controlling up to four cameras from a single computer;
  • – High reliability with very faint carvings
  • – Controls up to four air blows to remove disc;
  • – Single computer controlling.

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