Auto Industry

Imagem de Auto Industry

Auto industry is one of the sector that has most been benefitted with technological advances of artificial vision, has applied these systems in controlling the size of parts and equipments.

Artificial Vision and picture analysis can be applied in any type of system in the auto industry to control and test parts and equipments. Thus, we can ensure production growth to our customers, and consequently, lower costs.

Vimétrica develops ready to use custom products, since the analysis of client’s requirements up to the assembly of the final product, be it optically, or in terms of hardware/software or even solutions that require design or mechanical construction. Challenge us!

Industria Papel


  • – Mechanical parts measurement;
  • – Elastic parts measurement;
  • – Car carpets inspection;
  • – Verifies correct presence and assembly of components.

Seal Placing Control System

  • – Checks the correct continuity of the seal throughout its entire perimeter;
  • – Large display image;
  • – Checks continuity, thickness and distance to the edge of the part;
  • – Allows additional controls;
  • – Registers detected flaws.


Artificial Vision Solutions